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Endless Pool Swim Spa

There is only one Endless Pools Swim Spa. Accept no imitation. We are excited to announce that Teddy Bear Pools & Spas are now The Endless Pools Factory Authorized Dealer for Western MA Free Quoteinto Northern CT.

Endless Pool Showroom

What if maintaining a harmonious balance of personal wellness and family, while saving time and improving your overall quality of life could be achieved in your own backyard?  In our Endless Pool Showroom you’ll see Endless Pools swim spas has made this dream, a reality. That’s right! You CAN have it all. #lovemyspa #wellness

Endless Pool Swim Spa Collection

SwimCross Exercise Systems

SwimCross Exercise Systems introduces a jetted swim option with exceptional value, from the makers of Endless Pools. SwimCross Exercise Systems stand out from other jetted options because the five swim jets are air-free and produce a less turbulent current than the typical jetted swim spa.


Endless Pool Swim Spa X200

Endless Pool Swim Spa X200
12′ L X 50″ H X 89″

X500 Overhead

Endless Pool Swim Spa X500
15′ L  X 89″ W X 50″ H

  The ingenuity behind the Endless Pools Swim Machine is just the beginning of the many benefits of owning an Endless Pools Fitness Systems. You may have heard others call this a “swim spa,” but we know a fitness system is so much more.

Endless Pool Swim Spa E500

Endless Pool Swim Spa E500
15′ L  X 89″ W X 52″ to 58″ H

E700 Overhead

Endless Pool Swim Spa E700
17′ L X 89″ W X 52″ to 58″ H

E2000 Overhead

Endless Pool Swim Spa E2000
20′ L X 89″ W X  58″ H

Endless pool swim spa

The Endless Pool swim spa creates a smooth, adjustable current, yielding the ultimate training ground for athletes of all ability levels. Whether you’re trying to shed some unwanted lbs, rehabilitate an injury or just need to swim away your stress after a long day at the office, an Endless Pools Swim Spa could be the missing link to the active lifestyle you’ve always desired. Whoever said, “You can’t have it all” never owned an Endless Pool.


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