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15’L x 50″H x 89″W | 1,200 GALLONS
To speak to a sales person, please call 1-800-554-BEAR, or email directly to our sales staff.

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Wellness that fits your life with the Endless Pool Swim Spa X500

Nothing is more refreshing or rejuvenating than a swim or an aquatic workout in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Endless Pools®, the makers of Endless Pool Swim Spa X500 SwimCross™ Exercise Systems, introduces the X500. Not only visually stunning, the Endless Pool Swim Spa X500 was purposely designed for any level of user to attain a complete body workout.

With its generous swim and exercise area, along with easy entry and variable speed swim jet system, the Endless Pool Swim Spa X500 takes backyard fitness to a whole new level. It’s time to put wellness into your daily routine. #lovemyspa #wellness

Endless Spa Swim Spa Colors

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X500 Overhead

X500 Side view

Endless Pool Swim Spa X200The Endless Pool Swim Spa X500 is part of the SwimCross™ Exercise Systems collection, featuring 5 powerful swim jets capable of 320 Gallons per minute and 3 hydromassage seats. The Endless Pool Swim Spa X500
blends the functionality of swimming and exercising in the privacy of your home with a uniquely beautiful design that puts the SwimCross exercise system in a class of its own. #lovemyspa #wellness


Endless Pools Swim Spa Jets click to see more

Endless pools cluster jet for Swim Spa
Rotary Jet for Endless pools Swim spa
Directioal Jet in Endless pool Swim Spa
Endless Pool Swim Spa Mini Jet

 #lovemyspa #wellness

Accessory Options

Optional Swim Tether set

Optional Swim Tether set

Optional Row Bar set
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