Pillow Mate IG Pool Winter Cover




Our Pillow Mate/Ice Guard Covers are one of the best on the market today

3 Layer reinforced solid cover. Layer 1 is a carbon black sun-blocker that prevents debris from entering the pool and protects against dry-rot from UV rays.

Your pillow will attach with the help of the bubble tabs™, not sold on any other cover! Cover has a 144 strength factor

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
IG Winter Covers

14'x28' Rec, 16'x32' Rec, 16'x36' Rec, 16'x40' Rec 16'x36' End Step, 18'x36' Rec, 18'x40' Rece 18'x36' End Step, 20'x32' Rec 16'x32' Side Step, 20'x36' Rec 16'x36' Side Step, 20'x40' Rec, 20'x45' Rec 20'x40' End Step, 22'X36' Rec 18'x36' Side Step, 24'x40' Rec 20'x40' Side Step, 25'x45' Rec, 25'x50' Rec, 30'x50' Rec


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