J. Dean Westfield, MA

I would like to let you know that Stephen saved my pool season. Not that we have been swimming yet, but I live in Westfield and to save time I went to a local store where I got my water tested. My water was a little green but they said all I need is 5lb of Calcium and to shock the pool to get the green out.

For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable with the print out and the advice I got, so I called your store. Stephen took my call and answered my question. I have a 16×32 inground and my print out said I only had 12,000 gallons. Stephen said 12,000 is incorrect, he said it’s more like 20,000 gallons so I should double that calcium. He then asked me about the green. He said he didn’t think it was algae, he thought it was copper and it was reacting to the shock I put in.

The next day I drove to your store and got my water tested sure enough 20,000 gallons copper in the water, I also needed 6lbs of alkalinity and ph minus. It has been about a week and my water is crystal clear and blue the way it should be.

I didn’t get to meet Stephen to thank him, so hopefully this will do. I also would like to thank the little girl in your water testing for explaining every thing so well. I didn’t get her name.

In short your people are excellent!