We use the spa every other evening. It’s everything we expected and more. The grand kids love it to!! Some friends and family of course, arrive for a soak every now and then so we are glad you guys steered us in the direction of a 3 person rather than the 2 person we originally were looking at. I was worried that it wouldn’t get hot enough for my tastes but I was surely wrong about that. Got it way to hot by mistake one night and couldn’t even sit in it until it cooled down. Now that “spring” has arrived we are planning the 220 line as the spa is running off our swimming pool circuit ( 110 ) at the moment. Certainly can’t run both off that circuit once we open the pool. At first blush that project looks expensive. Any thoughts? Anyway it runs perfectly so far and as I said its everything we hoped for. Buying used instead of new seems to have been a good decision. We can live without the waterfall!!! Our experience was:Bought it on Saturday/Modified electrical circuit on Sunday/Delivered on Monday/First use on Wednesday nightDoesn’t get much better than that!! Teddy Bear Pools is the place to do business.