Peter, R. from Monson, MA

Hi JohnHope and I have had been enjoying the Hot tub for about a month now and it is the best $4K I have spent in a very long time. Attached are some pictures; feel free to use as you wish.On a side note I would also pass along that it has been along time since I have had such a good experience with any company. The guys who delivered this had to get it up the stairs and lift it over a four foot railing to get it on the second floor; a task that seemed impossible at first look.We opted to run this in 220 mode and my guys hooked up the neutral wrong and it would just trip the GFI disconnect panel when we turned the power on. I called your service department mid morning and that afternoon when I got a callback and whomever I talk to was sure the neutral was hooked up wrong and told me he would be out to the house to check it out the next morning. He did fix it the next morning and I was able to get the tub filled and running the next day.I also got a call from Ted (owner) shortly after the purchase just to say thanks and to let me know that I could call him with any issues; that is a really nice touch.I work in capital equipment sales for a company that sells in the broadcast television market and I know how hard it is for everyone in a company to get things right all the way through the process. Nice Job.