Richard M. from Ware, MA

To the owners and management of Teddy Bear Pools,

I am writing to express my gratitude and to offer a commendation for one of your employees.

I arrived, prepared to pay about $200.00 for a new pump motor. I had described the pump’s behavior to one of the parts service technicians over the phone and he had made an initial diagnosis of the problem. I had only used the Hayward LX pump for four seasons so I was not too pleased to have to replace the motor so soon, but the children were waiting and the days were hot, so my options were limited.

When I arrived at your store I was helped by a different young man than the one I spoke to on the phone. Your employee Derrick, was very courteous and professional, and approached the problem from the standpoint of finding a solution, not just taking the easy way out and selling me the motor that I had told him I was prepared to pay for. Derrick took the pump outside to the testing tank and hooked it up and determined that there was nothing wrong with the pump. Armed with that information we were able to discover an electrical problem at home which was very simple to solve.

The truth is that at this particular juncture, we really couldn’t afford any additional expenses and it really made a difference to us. Furthermore, your employee demonstrated integrity which seems to be an endangered species these days. We want you to know that you have secured our future business without any concern for the competition. There is nothing more important to me, as a consumer, than integrity. I don’t know if your employee’s professionalism is the result of excellent training and leadership, or if it is the result of excellent personal integrity, I would like to think that it is both.

In any case I felt that it was my duty as the recipient of such excellent service and cost savings to pass along my observations and gratitude. Well done Teddy Bear Pools!

Thank you very much!