Ron, Paula & Beau Southwick, MA

We have been loyal customers since 1982, when you installed our 25 by 50’ pool in Southwick, MA. I will never forget the fun we had blasting ledge and video taping the pool installation!
Over the years we have had many different men from TBP opening and closing our pool. Three men have always been topnotch servicemen and we wanted you to know how we felt. Angel in not with TBP now, but rick & Mario have been a great help to us. Each time they come they are polite and eager to inform us of new products and ways to make pool life more enjoyable and effortless.

Just this spring they told us about Eco-Smarte and the Bearbot T2 system and how we should have these in our pool! Eco is the best thing and wish it was around in 1982! No more chemicals and maintenance is effortless. They also brought it to my attention that the clean out valve is too high or proper pumping and should be addresses.
What I am saying is, they not only close and open the pool, but they really care about customers and Ted you have two great employees that should be noticed as an asset to customers and TBP!

Also in your store John Shea in sales really helped explain the Eco System before we purchased the unit. Thanks to him as well.
Dave Carter in the water analysis is such a help with the new system also. He has one and shares all his experiences and knowledge with me which makes it a lot easier to understand and operate.

Once again special gratitude to you and your employees for making 27 years of owning a pool both enjoyable and effortless.