The pool construction process can be intimidating this will help you in understanding the building process. It’s a bit unnerving to see a big crater in your backyard, but Teddy Bear Pools & Spas will keep everything moving so that you’ll be swimming and splashing in no time. #lovemypool

The actual pool installation can usually be accomplished within two weeks, but various conditions can reduce or extend that time frame. Most areas require building permits before installing an in-ground pool, with additional inspections during the installation process. This can add some time overall, based on your yard, the placement of the pool, and how busy the inspectors are.

If you are having your builder do custom work on the pool, such as stone decking or retaining walls, you can expect installation to take a little longer. The important thing to remember is you should not compromise quality by rushing this installation.

In Ground Pool Dig
In Ground Wall & Braces


The key steps of a pool installation are:

  • Receiving approvals and permits
  • The big dig – Excavation
  • Installation of walls and braces

Only the Graphex panel from Pacific Pools offers superior strength and performance.

Understanding the Building Process

There are many imitation panels out there, but all-polymer pool panels are NOT the same. The Graphex panel and brace system from Pacific Pools is the only system on the market with 50 years of outstanding performance. #lovemypool

Look for its distinctive honeycomb pattern on the back and light gray color. Only your Teddy Bear Pools can build and install Graphex pools.

The Graphex Support System

  • Patented Graphex walls and braces are integrated into the cement-mix pool base, concrete patio, and concrete bond beam.
  • The walls and braces are made of an all-resin structural polymer that will never rust, oxidize or degrade.
  • A unique honeycomb wall panel design, with vertical and horizontal ribs surrounding the pool, adds extra engineered strength and integrity to the walls.
  • Our exclusive Mate-Lock and Panel Lok systems assure proper alignment of the wall panels and add strength at the wall panel joints.

Pouring of the concrete bond beam and pool floor

Installation of plumbing and electrical

Installation of vinyl liner and coping

Pouring the concrete deck

Finishing the area with landscaping and decking as you have selected

Having a good relationship with your builder is the key to a smooth and stress-free pool construction process. With Teddy Bear Pools & Spas, you’re getting the best!

In Ground Pool Walls
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