5 Mistakes Buying Above Ground Swimming Pool

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5 Mistakes Buying Above Ground Swimming Pool

Here are a couple things you need to know before you make a mistake. 5 Mistakes Buying Above Ground Swimming Pool are, Proper Installation, Buying What You Really Need, Service After The Sale & Knowing Your City Regulations. Teddy Bear Pools & Spas will walk you through all the steps to help make sure this does not happen to you.

Poor FiltrationHayward extreme

Filtration is one of the most important systems of a pool. It not only keep the water free of derbies but it keep the water moving which circulates the oxidizer (chlorine) to make sure that you have a quality filtration system to ensure that you water stays crystal clear all season. Filtration systems such as cartridge filters are incredibly easy to use and provide some of the best filtration in the industry. Another very important step is to make sure that you have a filtration system that is big enough for your pool size and strong enough to provide proper circulation. We offer a 150sqft Hayward Xtreme System, this 150sqft filter is big enough for Above Ground Pools.

Proper Installation

Professional installation is an important start to a long lasting pool. A pool that is not installed properly will have problems year after year. While many companies warranty installation for 60 days, Teddy Bear Pools & Spas has our own installers (No Subcontractor’s) and guarantee our work for 3 to 10 full year depending on the pool Model. It is important to ask other retailer if they stand behind their installers work.

Buying What You Really Need

Do not fall into the trap of purchasing a pool package that does not have the items needed to run your pool for the season. Ask what you are going to need to open, run, clean and close your pool. Pool heaters, mineral systems, maintenance packages are a great start to make your pool the most enjoyable. Teddy Bear Pools & Spas offer multiple packed and will work with you to help you decide what size and accessories are right for your family. #lovemypool

Service After The SaleChanging skimmer

Knowledge and service about your pool and pool water is very important. You need to know that you have someone to turn to for all pool problems and questions. Teddy Bear Pools & Spa provides free computerized water analysis for our customers and have the know how to help guide you every step of the way. It is important to know that we are in this together and that we are your advocate for summer fun.

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas also has it’s own Above Ground Pools Service department to fix just about anything that comes up with your pool

Knowing Your City Regulations

Knowledge of city ordinances, guidelines and restrictions is an important part of pool buying. Every town is different and constantly changing the laws that govern pool ownership. Whether it is pool fencing, distance from easements or structures or electrical regulations, Teddy Bear Pools & Spas has installed thousands of pools in Western MA & Northern CT and can help guide you through this process.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on purchasing and owning an above ground swimming pool. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about Above Ground Swimming Pools.

To speak to a sales person, please call 1-800-554-BEAR, or Contact our sales staff. 

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