A Quick Start Guide To Your Hot Tub Brominating Concentrate

HOT TUB Start-Up: Brominating Concentrate

What is Bromine Concentrate?

Brominating Concentrate is a spa and hot tub sanitizer. This is a hard-working product that will kill and control bacteria – resulting in water that’s a pleasure to soak in. Teddy Bear brand chemicals are the easy to use: reach and maintain beautiful spa water. Bromine is just one of the products used to ensure your wellness and hot tub happiness.


First Time Start-Up

  1. Fill your Hot Tub with water. If the make-up water is from a well or other nonmunicipal source, testing prior to filling is recommended.
  2. Super-oxidize the spa with Brominating Concentrate with spa circulation system turned on. Run all pumps at least one cycle.
  3. Operate the spa circulation system for at least 2 hours.
  4. Drain, then rinse interior surfaces and refill. Follow draining instructions in owner’s manual. The reason for doing this is because spas are tested with water and when they are shipped there is some water in the plumbing. By super-oxidizing with a sanitizer during a pre-fill, you lessen the opportunity to contaminate the water with bacteria.

Refill Guide

  1. Adjust pH (7.2-7.6), total alkalinity (80-120 ppm) and calcium hardness (100-200 ppm).
  2. Apply Brominating Concentrate following label directions. Establish proper bromine residual of 3-6 ppm.

Daily Care

  • If the hot tub is used daily Bromine Concentrate must be added after use, or at the end of the day.
  • If the hot tub is not used daily – Bromine Concentrate should be added every 3rd day.

Weekly Care

  • Add Teddy Bear Stain and Scale Control.
  • Apply Teddy Bear Water Clarifier.
  • Test the pH. Acceptable range is 7.2-7.6. Ideal range is 7.4-7.6.
  • Test total alkalinity of the water. Proper range is 80-120 ppm.

Monthly CareBromine Water

  • Test your water – Bring a sample to Teddy Bear Pools & Spas for analysis.
  • Chemically clean your filter with Bear Strip Filter Cleaner.

As Needed

  •  Drain, clean, polish and refill based on usage.
  • If foaming occurs use Teddy Bear Anti-Foam.

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