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H-Series Induced Draft Propane Gas or Natural Gas above ground swimming pool heater

Let’s make a Big Splash this year by adding a Hayward above ground swimming pool heater H-Series Induced Draft Propane Gas or Natural Gas above ground swimming pool heater. Make better use of you pool by having one to two months of extra swim time to every pool seasonHayward H-100 Heater

Hayward’s H-Series Induced Draft Propane Gas or Natural Gas induced draft heater for above ground swimming pool heater combines leading technology with ease of operation and superior performance.

Featuring an electronic, direct spark ignition system and an energy-efficient Fire Tile® line combustion chamber, the Hayward above ground swimming pool heater provides 100,000 BTU input for quick heating.

An integral induce draft system makes this heater completely impervious to any high wind situations. A one-piece copper header/ heat exchanger provides for leak-free performance. And a simple plug-in 120 volt electric cord is provided for simple installation. #teddybearpools #lovemypool

  • 100,000 BTU input for above-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes
  • Electronic, direct-spark ignition for total control and automatic operation
  • Convenient On/Off switch to maintain consistent temperature set point
  • Revolutionary induced draft technology ensures optimum heating and all-weater performance, even in high wind situations
  • Reduced emissions design provides environment-friendly heating
  • Fire Tile combustion chamber ensures quick heating
  • Jet-ported stainless steel burners provide long life and easy maintenance
  • One-piece copper header/heat exchanger for leak-free performance
  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinet surface temoerature ensures worry-free use
  • Plug-in 120 volt electric cord for easy installation
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When it comes to heating your pool, it’s important to choose a good pool heater capable of adequately heating your pool in an efficient manner, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to transform your frigid pool into a warm and inviting year-round backyard oasis.

While the small and well-built Hayward above ground swimming pool heater is much more affordable than larger 400,000 BTU units, the power-packed little heater is designed to quickly and efficiently heat any small to medium-sized above ground pool. In addition to being well-built like the majority of Hayward’s products, the H-Series Induced Draft Propane Gas or Natural Gas features induced draft technology to efficiently heat your pool’s water in nearly all weather conditions. For small above ground pools up to 450 square feet, this top-notch pool heater is tough to beat.

Hayward is well-known for making quality pool heaters, but the low price tag of this small and efficient heater immediately raises concerns regarding its longevity. While the H-Series Induced Draft Propane Gas or Natural Gas   probably won’t last 30 years like some of the larger more expensive models on the market today, it’s surprisingly durable and will last many years with proper care.

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