Aboveground Pool Liner Wrinkling

This is a result of improper pool water chemistry.  Improper water chemistry, most specifically being PH, over time will cause wrinkling on the liner sidewall and floor.  This is initially cosmetic, and should be addressed, at the least, by bringing in a quart of water to our laboratory for a water test.  We can help guide you to maintaining your pool and ensuring you will get the most enjoyment (and the least headaches) out of your pool.  The liner wrinkling over the long-term will eventually lead to a liner replacement.

A laboratory testing program to study the effect of pH and cyanuric acid stabilizer levels on swimming pool liner materials was conducted by Union Carbide Corporation and FMC Coroporation in 1969.  The results of their experiments have been verified by other labs.

The most significant conclusions of the above study were:

  1. Low PH is the major cause of dimensional instability resulting in wrinkling.  Test samples immersed in 6.0 pH showed weight gains much higher than samples immersed in 8.0 pH solutions.  Dimensions of the samples also increased in proportion to weight gains.
  2. Acidic chlorinating chemicals such as trichloroisocyanurates tend to lower pH, unless counteracted by neutralizing agents.  Therefore, monitoring of pH is more critical when using acidic sanitizers.
  3. Cyanuric acid stabilizers levels of 50 PPM were shown to reduce the magnitudes of weight and dimensional increases at both 6.0 and 8.0 pH.  Therefore, cyanuric acid stabilizer appears to have the ability to provide some insurance against the detrimental effect of unanticipated pH fluctuation.

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