Aboveground Pool Wall Corrosion

Pool Wall & Structure Corrosion

All pools are susceptible to corrosion (rust or oxidation) on the metal at some point during its lifespan.  Over time, aluminum pools are designed to withstand this process longer than steel pools.

The most common area for this to take effect is the skimmer and return area.  Metal exposed to chemically treated water will corrode over time.  This is also why it is so important to maintain correct water chemistry.  Our fully staffed laboratory is available year-round to perform free water testing.

If you notice any leaking on the outside of the pool wall near either the skimmer or return, it is important for this to be addressed IMMEDIATELY!  In most cases, it is a simple remedy, such as changing the gaskets in this area.  Over a period of time, neglecting this leak can corrode your metal pool wall and result in your pool wall splitting.  This usually means you will need to replace your whole pool!

You may also notice “pinholes”, or small holes in your pool wall.  This is called “pitting”, and again, is usually a result of pool water coming into contact with the metal.  Most commonly, this is a result of a small pinhole leak in your pool vinyl liner in that area.  If you see this, it does not necessarily mean your pool is defective, as it is also a natural occurrence.  Please contact us or call our Aboveground pool service department, 413-594-2666, extension 134, for advice.


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