BEAR FACTS Vol. 5 Swimming Pool Heaters

Ever wish you could enjoy your swimming pool a few months more? Well you can! All you need to do is supply your system with a heater.

Keep in mind, there are additional costs to maintaining the temperature of your pool. If you do decide to go this route, it is important for you to carefully select the type of heater you will be using. Swimming pool heaters come in a variety of sizes and forms that are designed to match the needs of a variety of budgets. If you are concerned about the extra money spent on keeping your pool heated, take the time to first explore your options before you cut a pool heater out of the equation.

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

There are pros and cons to all types of swimming pool heaters. Swimming pool heaters all function in different ways, each with their own lists of pros and cons. The three most popular types to consider include electric heat pumps, gas pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. Below you will find more in depth descriptions of each type.

Electric Heat Pump

These heaters are loved by homeowners because they are very efficient, offer a long service life, and are great for long season use. It’s true that these heaters use electricity, but the truth is that they are actually a form of solar heat. Electric heat pumps don’t manufacture the heat that it distributes. Instead, they find heat in the outside air and “pump” or “move” it into your pool. Basically the heater takes the warmth from the outside air and electrically converts it to the water through a compressor. Electric heat pumps may be a bit pricier, but they offer so many advantages which include low operation cost, continuous flow of heat and even temperature, and no possibility of fuel leaks.

Gas Pool Heater

If you are more interested in having a heater that will quickly heat your pool then a gas heater is a great option. However, these heaters are fueled by natural gas so due to increasing gas prices they may a bit expensive to operate. They do burn quickly though which cuts down on how much fuel is used. Their initial cost is reasonable and their efficiency is quite adequate. Keep in mind, gas pool heaters will add to your utility bills.

Solar Pool Heaters

If you live in a climate that is sunny and warm all the time, solar pool heaters may be the way to go. Heat pumps may be more powerful, but solar heaters are much more efficient in their heating. With solar pool heaters there is virtually no cost of operation because they extract the warmth from the daytime air. It’s the pre-existing pool pump that re-circulates the heated water back to the pool.

The solar panels are more often than not found on the roofs of the house and depending on the size of your pool they can take up a lot of space. The good thing is that they are sensibly priced and can last up to 20 years with very little maintenance. You must keep in mind before purchasing a solar pool heater that the weather will affect the heater. For instance, if there is no sun then the pool heater will be temporarily out of use. Wind can have a dramatic effect on the system as well, but if you are experiencing a wind storm it probably isn’t the best time to go swimming anyways.

What Ever You Decide, make sure that you carefully review your options to figure out which heating system works best with your needs. It is highly recommended that you seek advice from a Teddy Bear Sales professional, especially if you need additional information on services and installation. Several aspects of your pool configuration will affect the type of heater you install including the unique shape of your pool, the size, the location of the pool, as well as your location of your roof. All three heaters (gas, electric, and solar) have their own qualifications when it comes to set-up, so always work with a qualified Teddy Bear Pools & Spas professionals for safe and efficient installation.

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