The long, cold months of winter encourage us to take it easy, conserve our energy, and be more selective about how we invest our time. But while you might feel inclined to spend the winter hibernating, your hot tub doesn’t have to follow your lead. In fact, using your hot tub in winter has special advantages—provided you follow a few tips to stay safe and keep your hot tub in prime condition.

Winterizing your spa for the season—draining it, cleaning it, and protecting it from the effects of freezing weather—can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure. In many cases, it’s better for the health of your hot tub to keep it running. Plus, in addition to enjoying the everyday benefits of your home spa, you’ll get to experience some perks unique to the winter months:

Staying Warm Outside in the Cold

Hot Tub Social TimeStaying Warm Outside in the Cold. In freezing weather, a soak in your home spa allows you to spend time outside in warmth and comfort, instead of huddling indoors or shivering in the cold air. #lovemyspa #teddybearpools

Cold-Weather Hydrotherapy. When your muscles and joints are cold, you’re more likely to pull or strain them during physical activity. In chilly temperatures, soaking in your hot tub before exercise can help warm you up and prepare your body for a safer workout, while soaking after a workout can relax and soothe aching muscles or stiff limbs. Learn more about integrating your hot tub with exercise in this guide.

Winter Socializing and Celebrations. The winter holidays are a perfect time to enjoy the company of close friends and family. Your hot tub can serve as a unique and memorable site for a festive winter gathering.Free Quote

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