Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for choosing Teddy Bear Pools for your closing. To make your closing as efficient as possible, please do the following before we arrive:

  1. Bring a water sample to our lab to be sure your water is balanced
  2. Vacuum your pool a final time. We do not provide a cleaning/vacuuming service and will close your pool “As Is.”

We will need unencumbered access to the following in order to complete your closing:

  1. A safe pool area and outside sources of water and electricity.
  2. All winter accessories and a storage area for the summer accessories. For safety and liability reasons, all items must be available at ground level. We will not go into lofts, climb ladders or move your property to reach or store your pool equipment. Check in advance to be sure all needed equipment is on site. If we cannot find any accessory needed to close your pool, we will supply the missing item and you will be billed accordingly.
  3. For their safety and ours, please be sure all animals are indoors while we are on site (Thank you for cleaning up any backyard presents that they may leave!).

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR CREW should be taped to the filter tank. Please do not assume that we will remember all your specific requests from last season.


We will attempt to call you two business days in advance to confirm your appointment. Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to give a specific time for your closing, so please plan your day accordingly.

We will conduct closings in the rain unless there is danger to our crews (i.e. lightning, severe weather) and as long as the weather does not impede our work. Should we need to reschedule, we will contact you as soon as possible.

DE FILTERS will be backwashed, drained and removed for storage along with pump and motor. There must be a backwash hose on site; otherwise, we cannot control the effluent. We do not disassemble DE filters.

CARTRIDGE FILTER tanks will be drained, cartridge medium removed and will be stored away along with pump and motor.

SAND FILTER tanks will be drained. If possible, the pump and motor will be removed for storage. We are not responsible for any freeze damage caused by a defective filter tank drain.

FILTER CLEANING will be offered for an additional $85 for DE filters and aboveground cartridge filters. In ground cartridge filter cleaning will be $95. We will take your filter at closing and return it after a cleaning and inspection. Any replacement parts are an additional charge. Please give us at least 48 hours advanced notice should you wish this service.

CHEMICAL KITS consist of an oxidizer, algaecide and stain & scale control. Let us know if you use Baquacil or any alternate sanitizing system such as ECOsmarte as you will require a special chemical kit. Please remember that despite the use of winterizing chemicals, a number of variables make it impossible to guarantee that your water will remain clean or clear during the off-season.

AUTOMATIC CHLORINATORS, out of safety and health concerns for our crews, should be allowed to run low of product as your closing date approaches. We will drain the unit and leave it outside to dry. Leftover chlorine will be put in a Ziploc bag and left on the equipment pad. It is your responsibility to properly dispose of leftover chlorine. It is recommended that the chlorinator be bagged and left outside. Do not store the chlorinator or the leftover chlorine with metal equipment as chlorine gas can corrode items such as motors, ladders and handrails.

INGROUND POOLS will have underground lines blown out and plugged. Where applicable, antifreeze will be added to stair jet lines. (All other lines do not require antifreeze). We will remove suction and return fittings, skimmer baskets, weir doors, automatic vacuum fittings, ladders, drop-in steps, stair rails and dive boards if possible. We will secure winter covers in the appropriate manner.

ABOVEGROUND POOLS will have skimmer plates and winter plugs installed. We will remove return fittings, skimmer baskets, weir doors, automatic vacuum fittings, ladders and drop-in steps. Underwater lights will be removed, where applicable. We will inflate expansion pillows and secure winter covers with a cable and water bags where appropriate. NOTE: The pillow’s sole purpose is to create a pocket on the water’s surface which allows ice to expand toward the pillow rather than toward the pool wall. The pillow does NOT need to be centered or fully inflated to be effective. There will be a charge should you request that we return to reposition, re-inflate or replace a pillow. We are not liable for covers that come off due to high winds. Pool owners in high wind areas may wish to further secure their covers with wind clips. Please give us at least    48 hours notice should you like the cover clips (1.19 each) installed at closing. It is suggested that round pools use between 36 and 60 clips, depending on size, while oval pools generally need between 66 and 78 clips.

WATER BAGS/AQUA BLOCKS will be partially filled to allow for ice expansion. We are not responsible for water bags that deflate or lose water. We will charge for any water bags or Aqua Blocks that need replacement. We will NOT use bricks, rocks, cinderblocks, wood, bottles, jugs or the like to secure winter covers as they can damage your pool. We will not be liable for any damage caused by their use.

LOWERING WATER before we close your pool is NOT recommended unless your pool has a caretaker in-floor cleaning system with a leaf trapper or an Aqua Genie skimmer. Not only will you save time and money, but maintaining the water level at normal height allows for a better installation and fit of your winter cover. If necessary, it is the customer’s responsibility to lower water prior to our arrival. Teddy Bear Pools does not lower water.

SAFETY COVER owners are responsible for lowering the water AFTER the closing and BEFORE the first hard freeze. Teddy Bear Pools does not and will not lower the water for you. Depending on the manufacturer, a gap of no more than 12-18” between the water and either the coping or the cover is required. This will allow room for rain and melting snow to drain into your pool while lending enough support for any snow load. Please refer to your cover warranty, as failure to follow this requirement MAY VOID your warranty. Mesh safety cover owners may add algaecide (not chlorine) to your water before the freeze and after the thaw by pouring the product directly through the cover. Please be sure to rinse off the residual from the cover afterward.

REGULAR WINTER COVER owners should regularly inspect the cover and remove any accumulated water and/or debris during the offseason. Also, check water bags/Aqua Blocks to make sure they are holding water and keeping the winter cover in place. Teddy Bear Pools will not assume responsibility for covers that fall into the pool or cause damage to the liner due to water/debris/snow/ice left on the cover. We are not liable for covers that come off due to high winds.

ORDERING REPLACEMENT COVERS should be done as soon as you are aware of the need. Inventories of regular winter covers begin to diminish as early as August. Waiting too late will limit or entirely deplete your cover options.

2020 OPENING/CLOSING RESERVATIONS can be made starting February 3, 2020. We strongly recommend calling early as appointments are made on a first come, first served basis.

CANCELLATION POLICY – To avoid a $75 cancellation fee, please contact us with at least a three business day notice from your scheduled date.

PAYMENT IN FULL is required by the day of your closing. If you will not be home, please leave a check taped to the filter tank or you may call us at least two business days in advance (413-594-2666 or 800-554-2327, ext. 129) to prepay with any major credit card. You may also pay with your credit card on this website by clicking on the “Pay My Bill Online” tab. We will send your credit card receipt by email, so please be sure your updated email is in our files. You also may send your payment through the mail. Our crews are not allowed to close your pool unless payment is available or has been made in advance. Gift certificates and promotional coupons such as Bear Bucks are only for use in our Chicopee retail store and cannot be applied toward any service work including closings.

SUSPECTED LEAKS should be addressed well before your pool is closed. Do not delay in contacting us if you believe your pool is losing more than one-quarter inch or more of water per day. Off season leaks can have catastrophic consequences. Please keep in mind that our service department shuts down before the end of October.

LINERS OUT OF TRACK need to be addressed before your closing. Our closing schedule does not allow the time it takes to put most liners back in track. Additionally, the cooler end of season temperatures make it more difficult to make the repair.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you encounter any problems or have any concerns regarding your closing, please call us within 48 hours so that any issues may be addressed promptly.

Thank you again for choosing Teddy Bear Pools.

Ted Hebert                                                                  Bill Sizemore

President/Owner                                                       Service Manager


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