ECO-Friendly Solutions Your Your Pool

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas is Leading the way in offering energy efficient and chemical free pool solutions.

Are you ready to reduce your swimming pool energy use?

Easy, Intermatic® timers is a great Go Green swimming pool product. Reducing the amount of time that your pump is running necessarily extends the life of these components, saving you even more green.

TriStar Pump Energy Solutions

The TriStar Energy Solution single speed and variable-speed pump and control if proof that high performance doesn’t need to come at the expense of high efficiency. Advanced hydraulics deliver uncompromising water quality while lowering energy consumption and cost by 30% to 70%

LED Lighting Solutions

Forget about lighting, as you know it. Now there’s ColorLogic LED lighting from Hayward, the global leader in LED technology for the pool industry. ColorLogic’s patented Chromacore® technology combined with a microprocessor and the brightest and longest performing LEDs in the industry to deliver high intensity and an unmatched selection of colors. Ease of operation has been designed into the microprocessor to offer unmatched simplicity when cycling through the 5 solid colors and 7 Exciting Color Shows. ColorLogic is the most energy efficient colored-lighting option on the market.

Solar pool heating systems will save you lots of money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pool heating is a very good solar application. The systems are simple and inexpensive. Pool systems usually use simple, low cost, unglazed plastic collectors. The pool itself is the thermal storage for the system, and the pump you already use for filtering pool water will also circulate water through the solar collectors.

ECOsmarte Freshwater Pools & Spas

ECOsmarte offers the best system for those customers willing to invest money to avoid handling or swimming in chemicals. The ECOsmarte system is not a chlorine generator; it generates natural oxygen to yield a bottled water quality to your pool. With the ionic copper residual, no regular use of algaecides, Cyanuric acid (stabilizer), clarifier, or shock of any kind is required. In every case customers, doing their homework will select the ECOsmarte freshwater pool systems.

ECOsmarte’s 100% CHLORINE-FREE POOL System provides you with a chlorine-free alternative for water treatment

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