Erin from Hatfield, MA Writes: Lime Green Water/Copper

Q: Erin from Hatfield, MA writes:

I opened my pool this year, my water was clear and clean. I added water got my filter running. Then added the opening kit, (not yours sorry). My water turned green. Not slime on the walls green the water its self turned green. Lime almost.What’s happening?

A: Stephen, Store Manager

Not our Kit, why am I going to answer your question…? JUST KIDDING.

If I assume correctly you filled you pool with well water and that well water has Copper in it. When you add and oxidizer like chlorine to water with copper in it the reaction is lime green or Caribbean green water.

This is a fairly easy fix. Teat your water with Bear Magnet this will neutralize the copper in the water so it no-longer reacts to chlorine. 3 or 4 days and you will be back to clear water. I would recommend you bring in a water sample so we can do an accurate test of the water and get you the correct dosage for your aboveground swimming pool. I would also recommend that you look into the Hayward “Bobby”. The “Bobby” is a pre-filter that attaches to your garden hose and filters our some of the metals that come from well water.

Now if I assumed incorrectly and you don’t have a well. It’s that opening kit from somewhere else… Just kidding… Didn’t use well water, still sounds like copper. Bring me a sample


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