Everfresh Water Care System71325 ag+

Enjoying fresh, clean spa water should be an everyday experience as a spa owner. The EverFresh Water Care System makes it easy to keep your water clean and clear, while reducing the need for chlorine. This easy-to-use system combines the cleaning power of the FreshWater® III high-output ozone system with FreshWaterAg+® continuous silver ion purifier, and MPS non-chlorine oxidizer for lasting protection against contaminants and minimal need for chlorine.

FreshWater III High Output Ozone System

Your Hot Spring spa comes standare with the FreshWater III hight output ozone system.  This is an essential part of the overall EverFresh water care system.  It uses Corona Discharge cell technology to generate a high concentration of ozone that works to neutralize contaminants and improve your water’s quality.

MPS Chlorine Free Oxidizer

This is a fast acting formula that attacks cell walls to brighten and refresh your spa.  If used with the FreshWater Ag+ purifier mentioned above, it helps activate the silver ions so they can do their job more quickly.  Plus it’s pH neutral, so it won’t affect your water’s chemistry.

MPScents Oxidizer & Test Strips

The non-chlorine oxidizer  with MPScents or aromatherapy keeps your water clean and creates an inviting and relaxing environment.  While the test strips help your monitor your spa’s MPS, pH, and alkalinity levels.

freshwater III

Benefits of the EverFresh System:

Continuous cleaning. The FreshWater III ozone and silver ions are released into your spa water continuously.

Easy maintenance. Simply dose the spa water with MPS with each use of the spa, and add chlorine weekly.

Reduced levels of chlorine. Enjoy safely sanitized spa water, without the need for a constant chlorine level residual.


If you have any question about your Hot Spring spas water care system or need help selecting the best system for you, please give us a call.