Floating Cable Gets Wrapped Around or Sucked Into The Aquabot

Floating Cable (Ref.# 3.1) – Ensure that the Floating Cable (E-Z Swivel Cable Detangler, Pg. 15) is untangled and spread out on top of the water, allowing enough cable for your Aquabot to reach all areas of the pool without restriction and without placing excessive amounts of Floating Cable in the pool. For best results, place the Power Supply half way across the length of the pool and alternate its point of entry with each use.

– If the pool is irregular in shape and has large swim-out areas (e.g. “L”, “T”, etc.) then it is suggested to begin a cleaning cycle within each swim-out area to ensure these areas are covered. You may even restrict the Floating Cable length so that the Aquabot is allowed to clean only within each desired area.

Should the Floating Cable continue to get tangled in or around the cleaner, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-845-4856.

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