Fourth of July Pool Party

A Fourth of July pool party is the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day. If you are lucky enough to have your own pool, consider hosting a party for friends and family. Here are some ideas to get you started with planning your celebration:

Pool Preparation:

You’re planning your party already so let’s make sure the pool is ready now.  Test your water to make sure your water is balanced. Clean your filter before you have your party to ensure it working its best.  Your about to have a bunch of people swimming so  run your filter a little longer and add a little extra chlorine, this will help keep your pool from clouding up. After the big event shock your pool.


Any type of invitations will do for a casual pool party. Buy or make your own red, white and blue invites and send them out a few weeks before the day of the party. For close friends and family, you can even extend your invitations via email or over the phone. You may want to specify an alternative date and time if your pool party gets rained out.


Anything red, white and blue will do perfectly! Get bunches of red, white and blue balloons. Decorate the party area with streamers and patriotic bows. Star-shaped citronella candles look festive and keep away pesky mosquitoes. Try a festive tablecloth in a patriotic color or go for the traditional red and white checkered pattern which is ideal for a casual summer party.


Swimwear, of course! Think one piece bathing suits and bikinis for ladies and swim trunks for guys. Sunglasses, sun hats and poolside cover-ups are also examples of perfect pool party apparel. Your guests may also want to bring beach towels and dry clothing to change into after they’re done swimming. Sunscreen is a must, and it’s likely that some guests will forget to bring their own. Therefore, be sure you have a few extra bottles on hand.


Traditional Fourth of July fare like grilled burgers and hot dogs is a must. If you like, serve other barbecued favorites like chicken, steak and fish. Side dishes can include potato and macaroni salad, potato chips and dip, fresh watermelon, ice cream and other hot weather favorites.

Fun and Games:

There are plenty of fun pool activities you can enjoy. Set up an aquatic volleyball net and have a rousing match. Consider putting the guys on one team and the girls on another. Hold swimming races and award prizes to the winners. Kids will enjoy diving contests where they collect dive sticks tossed on the bottom of the pool. After everyone is done in the pool, designate an area for socializing and dancing. A Fourth of July party wouldn’t be complete without a few fireworks. If you don’t want to put on an elaborate display, hand out sparklers for guests to light after dark.