GREEN BEAR: Choose To Be Green

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas is dedicated to conserving the resources of our planet. We actively encourage a culture of ecological responsibility that makes the best use of our resources and minimizes environmental impact.

Choose To Be Green by:

  • Striving to offer products that are environmentally friendly.
  • Working to reduce the ecological impact of our company activities.
  • Recycling in our store and service center.
  • Making environmental responsibility a company value.
  • Encouraging employees to share this vision.

We are committed to the environment throughout our company.At Our Store and Service Center we:

  • Offer pool & spas water treatments that are safe for the environment, like Eco-Smarte pool & spa systems.
  • Having available recycled materials for use as a filtration media.
  • Making available new technology like solar panels to power your pool.
  • Store more cardboard, requiring fewer pickups and less fuel consumption.
  • Re-use parts and supplies boxes when shipping to our customers.
  • Endeavor to recycle more components on trade-in spas.
  • Use special recycling dumpsters for cans, glass, and for paper.
  • Reduce energy consumption by better management of our heating system.
  • Turn all computer monitors off at night to reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce paper and cardboard waste by shipping parts in original packaging.
  • Remove ourselves from catalog mailings and faxes to reduce paper waste.
  • Minimize interior lighting use.
  • Reduce energy consumption by limiting heating and air-conditioning use.
  • Recycle office ink cartridges and paper.
  • Utilize computer filing to minimize paper use.
  • Send our newsletters via e-mail instead of paper.