Hot Tub Case Study for Westfield, MA

The Customer

Aaron & Becky  live in Westfield, MA and where looking for a Hot Tub to help with small aches and pains.

The Challenge

Aaron & Becky wanted a Hot Tub that they could not only relax in but would also massage aches and pains away. They also wanted a Hot Tub that was large enough to seat 5 or 6 adults if need be.

The Result

With the help of one of our experienced staff members (John Shea), Aaron & Becky ended up purchasing a Hot Springs Vista Hot Tub. This Hot Tub offers 47 jets as well a two 2.5 horsepower motors. Its extremely comfortable lounge accommodates a wide range of heights, while its corner seats deliver a variety of targeted back, wrist and calf hydromassage options.

The Hot Springs Vista Hot Tub seats 6 Adults for Aaron & Becky’s entertaining needs and is well suited for Relaxations as well as hydromassage for aches and pains.

Aaron & Becky purchased a Pearl hot tub shell with a Redwood skirt color. This Hot Springs Vista Hot Tub was delivered and installed March 2008 in Westfield, MA