Hot Tub Case Study Karen South Hadley, MA

The Customer

Karen from South Hadley retired from teaching in the fall spring of 2008. She was looking for some relaxation.

The Challenge

Find the correct Hot Tub for Karen’s needs. Karen has a small concrete patio and was looking for a good fit in a corner. She would be using the Hot Tub by her self.

The Result

We discussed several different Hot Tubs including the Solana TX a 130 gallon hot tub, the Hot Spring Jet Setter a 225 gallon hot tub, and a Limelight Glow a 270 gallon hot tub.

Karen spent over an hour sitting in these hot tubs going back and forth from one hot tub to another. Karen had a lot to think about and ended up coming back the next day and sitting in every tub again. This time Karen brought some measurements and some pictures of her patio.

With this information we where able to rule out the Limelight Glow hot tub just because of its size. This left the two choices for the Hot Spring Jetsetter hot tub and the Solana TX. Karen liked the way the Solana TX would fit on the patio. But Karen ended up purchasing the Hot Spring Jetsetter hot tub because it was a good fit in the space bet mostly because of the features the Jetsetter had that the Solana did not. Karen really liked the lounge chair and the moto-massage for her back.

This Hot Tub was delivered to Karen in South Hadley, MA. in June of 2008.