Hot Tub Cover Checkup!

Worn or Torn? Sagging, Fading or Cracking? Waterlogged and Heavy to Lift? Not Fitting or Sealing Properly? Your hot tub is using more energy and costing you more then it should!

Take the Checkup Test to learn how to get your cover up to snuff; or if all signs point to a new cover.


Dry? Brittle? Dirty? Torn? Cracked?

These symptoms will affect the safety, heat retention and beauty of your cover in addition to the cleanliness of your spa water. Torn, cracked vinyl can’t be repaired easily; if it is dry and brittle, no repair is possible. Condition and clean your top vinyl monthly, according to your owner’s manual.

Foam Cores

Sagging? Indicates broken foam cores; need replacement. Puddles? Suggests broken core, or bowed core; need replacement. Heavy? Indicates cores have absorbed water; need replacement.

Sagging cores create gaps in the seal; puddles get worse over time, causing the foam to break under the weight of the accumulating water. This can also cause the metal channel to break, and vinyl to tear. Saturated covers will not dry out.

Foam cores are critical to heat retention and safety. Cores can be replaced, but not recommended for covers over two years old. The vinyl shrinks from exposure, making replacement difficult.

Hinge Torn?

Precious heat can escape if a hinge tear goes beyond the Heat Seal Shoe (appx 2” in from the outside edge). If your hinge is torn Over 6”, we recommend a new cover.

Heat Seal Shoes

Torn? Damaged?

The “Shoes” seal the gap where the two halves of the cover come together, preventing heat loss at the hinge. If a Shoe is torn away from the hinge, or damaged, consider having it re-stitched. If the Shoe is badly damaged you may need a new cover.

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