Hot Tub Cover That Does Not Get Heavy!

Finding a hot tub cover that does not get heavy is pretty much a dream for people who own hot tubs. Every Hot Tub owner knows that dreaded feeling when it comes time to either take the cover off or put it on and it is starting to get waterlogged and heavy.

Not only do they get heavy, they become moldy and smelly if not maintained properly. Poorly made or cheap spa covers tend to get “heavy” faster and make the life of the owner just that much more difficult.

The purpose of a spa is relaxation, not frustration.

When the foam core of the cover starts to take on water, this is when it gets saturated and difficult to maneuver easily. The real culprit is bad insulation. Good, well made, solid hot tub covers prevent warping, saturation, and mold.

They last longer and save the owner money, not only because you don’t have to replace it as often, but because they maintain the water temperature more effectively, which saves on your electricity bills.

Besides, heavy covers can be dangerous, especially if children are trying to operate a tub.


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