hot tub ready for fall


Posted on Sept 3, 2017

Is your Hot Tub ready for fall? Hot Spring Spa owners  already know this: when summer ends, hot tub usage heats up. The weather gets cooler, kids start new sports activities, and in general, everyone spends more time at home. Its prime season for spas and hot tubs, so make sure yours is ready for action “Every day made better”! #lovemyspa

Prepare your hot tub for the cooler days ahead.Hot Tub Cover

  • Is your cover in good shape or is it time for a replacement? Your spa cover prevents leaves and dirt from getting into the water and it keeps the heat inside to conserve energy.
  • Start of a new season is a good time to check the filters – replace them if needed for maximum operating efficiency.
  • Drain your spa for a thorough cleaning before serious winter weather sets in.
  • Bring in a water sample to ensure proper water chemistry/balance and to keep your soaking experience perfect. Every day made better!

Why you need hydrotherapy this fall.

  • Has your workout routine changed from last summer, or are you just starting one? Hydro-massage soothes sore muscles and strains, and promotes flexibility.
  • A 10-minute soak relaxes homework-stressed kids, and parents.
  • When the days get shorter, immerse in a warm-water massage instead of holding down the sofa – you’ll probably sleep better afterwards.

People who own spas and hot tubs love to entertain outdoors in every season, too. Half-time during the game or last-minute Friday happy hour, you don’t have to make a big deal out of it – everyone enjoys a warm soak and good conversation.

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