Hot Tub Saftey Tips

Summertime activities are always fun until someone gets hurt. One of the most important things you can do is to watch your children or young ones at all times when there are water activities involved.

If you own a hot tub, make sure that your kids are playing safe and aren’t getting too wild in the Hot Tub. If you need to be away for a few minutes, place the hot tub cover on the tub just to be extra safe.

One thing that goes unheeded sometimes is actually taking hot tub covers off the spa. This can be dangerous as there are accounts of individuals trying to gain leverage against a waterlogged cover and falling into the spa water headfirst.

Kids can drown in one inch of water.

You should always check how well your hot tub cover is holding up. If it is too waterlogged or is becoming difficult to put on and easily take off, it may be time for a new one.

The key to all safety is really just being aware of the situation and being prepared to react.

Be safe.

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