How To Bear Strip (clean) Your D.E. Filter

The following instructions are to be used for the cleaning of your E.C. (Extended Cycle) Hayward D.E. Filter.Clean DE Filter play


  • Turn off electricity
  • Loosen the air release valve on the top of the tank
  • Bump the handle approximately 10 times (ease down, raise rapidly)
  • Unscrew the plug on the trimline ball valve (backwash valve)
  • Turn the union (ring) on the trimline ball valve
  • Turn the handle on the trimline to the open position (the handle  won’t turn if you don’t turn the union)

On ABOVEGROUND filters, disconnect the filter from the pool by disconnecting the hoses.  Stop the water with the necessary measures. (Use plugs 1 1/2” or 1 hose to both fittings.)


  • Remove the top cover (brown or blue) by knocking it off with your  hand.  Turn it upside down to store the bolts.
  • Mark the tank body and cover with a magic marker so you put it back in the same position upon reassembling.
  • Remove all the bolts which hold the filter together.  Put the bolts & nuts in the cover so you don’t lose them.
  • Remove the filter head by pulling it straight up and put it aside.
  • Prepare your solution.  Place a “1/2 quart of Bear Strip” and clean tap water in a plastic trash barrel.
  • Before soaking the fingers on the filter head, spray them with the garden hose to remove any large debris.
  • Submerge the fingers and tube sheets overnight in the solution of Bear Strip and water.
  • The following morning, thoroughly rinse the tubes and fingers with water.
  • Reassemble your filter by reversing the above steps.

View the PDF for more information


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