How To Operate And Clean Your Cartridge Filter

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas offers a variety of cartridge filters for your inground and above ground pool. Sta­Rite cartridge systems, as well as, Hayward cartridge systems are available for purchase through our retail store. When installing your filter for the first time or at the beginning of each season, we suggest that you remove and clean your cartridge at least once a week for the first week or two of operation. Your water may look clean, but this will help polish it. At the end of each season, remove the filter top and clean the cartridge with “Bear Strip,” a biodegradable nontoxic cleaner. Do not use muriatic acid, which is harmful to your cartridge and the environment. When the reading on the pressure gauge rises more then 10 P.S.I. in 24 hours or the water flow into the pool (return) decreases, it is time to clean your cartridge. It is recommended that you clean your cartridge at least once during mid-summer months as a maintenance cleaning (Usually at the end of June or beginningof July).

Note: pressure gauges are not always accurate, for best results take note of the flow or water back into your pool through your return.


  1. Turn off the electricity to the pump/motor. (On above ground pool) Close off the water flow through your skimmer and return line by using your Aqua door and winter plug.
  2. Loosen the air vent at the top of the filter tank.
  3. Remove the drain plug at the bottom of your filter. This will drain the water from your tank.
  4. Depress the tab that holds the locking ring in place (please refer to operators manual to see if you push in or pull out). Unscrew the locking ring, turning it counter clockwise until you can remove it. (Foringround Sta-Rites unscrew all of the lid clamps then remove the top).
  5. Remove the lid (this may take a flat head screw driver to pry the lid off).
  6. Remove the cartridge, rinse off thoroughly with a medium pressure spray to remove any debris (DO NOT USE A POWER WASHER, this will damage the cartridge). Cartridge wands may be purchased in the retail store.
  7. Prepare your “Bear Strip” solution. Using a rubber trash can with clean tap water, pour 16 oz of “Bear Strip” for every 5 gallons of water.
  8. Submerge the cartridge. at least overnight. in the solution. (24 hours for optimal cleaning).

There is more to learn! Read the rest of our instructions in the PDF document below.

View the PDF for more information

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