Important Tips for Winterizing Your Pool or Closing Your Pool

Important Tips for Winterizing Your Pool or Closing Your Pool–This summer’s heat wave may have you thinking there is no end in sight, but cooler temperatures will be here before you know it.  Now is the time to start planning your pool closing and winterizing.  Colder weather can mean substantial damage to your pool surfaces and pool equipment.  Taking the time to winterize now will save you time and money on unnecessary repairs next year.Pools that are not winterized or closed properly are susceptible to:

  • Freeze-thaw damage to pool surfaces
  • Damaged or broken pool equipment
  • Under ground pipe damage

Every year hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars are spent repairing pools that were not closed properly the previous fall.  Pool owners who endured such repairs are often times surprised to learn how easily the damage could have been prevented.Here are some helpful tips to protect your pool and ensure easy opening next year:

  • Conduct a final pool water test.  Visit Teddy Bear Pools & Spas retail store to receive a quick, computerized water analysis to ensure the water is balanced.
  • Brush the walls of your pool and vacuum thoroughly.  Clean skimmer basket and lint trap.
  • Use Bear Strip filter cleaner to thoroughly clean the filter.  A dirty filter can cake and harden over the winter, leaving a messy and difficult clean-up job.
  • With pump and filter on, add the appropriate amount of winter shock around the edges of the pool.  Wait an hour then add winter algaecide.  Keep the pump and filter on for another hour.
  • Drain the pool if need be, then add pool winterizing anti-freeze to pipes and equipment.
  • Finally, cover your pool to protect from winter winds, leaves, dirt and debris.


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