In-Ground Pool Opening Instructions

  1. Use an electric sump pump (always place a Frisbee or similar object under the pump) or siphon the water off of your cover, if you have a solid cover. Carefully remove any debris off of the cover.  Remove the cover slowly from the deep end to the shallow end.  Try not to get any water or debris that may be on your cover into the pool. Clean your pool cover with “Teddy Bear Cover Cleaner” to prevent sticking, mildew, algae or unpleasant odors (Do not place the cover on your grass). Fold cover and store in your basement.  It should not be stored in a shed or the garage.  Ants or mice may destroy your cover!!
  2. Expect your water level to be low in your pool.  (This occurs due to ice and water displacement.)  Fill the pool to normal swimming height (half-skimmer).     Reinstall any filter plugs and fittings.  Also, remove “all” winter plugs from the wall fittings in the pool as well as your gizzmo from your skimmer.
  3. Prime your filter by adding water to your hair and lint basket (by your pump and motor).  Secure the cover and tighten all plastic fittings by “hand”.  Make sure 1 valve is on the “open” position and turn on the electricity.  (On systems with more then 1 suction, it may be easier to prime with only 1 suction open).


  • Put filter handle on filter tank to the backwash position. After three minutes, turn off the electricity and turn handle to rinse. Run for one minute.  Turn off the electricity and put the valve to the filter position.
  • Change your sand every two to three years.


  • After the filter is running, put in the appropriate amount of D.E. powder into your skimmer.
  • Hayward EC 65 requires 6 pounds of D.E.–6 lbs. of D.E. equals 7 (1) pound coffee cans.
  • Hayward EC 75 requires 7 pounds of D.E.–7 lbs. of D.E. equals 8 (1) pound coffee cans.                                      For your convenience, we carry one (1) pound D.E. cups in our retail store.

(Expect to bump your filter several times during the first 24 hours of operation.)

IMPORTANT:  Do not worry if you have our anti-freeze in your lines.  It is non-toxic and biodegradable

  1. Do not vacuum your pool for at least 24 hours or until your water is clear.  If you have a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, make sure that you vacuum on waste
  2. Now you are ready to add your opening chemicals.  It does not matter in what order you add them as long as your filter is running.
  • BEAR ALGAE OUT is a broad spectrum non-foaming algaecide to inhibit algae from growing.  Add directly by walking it around the pool surface.
  • BEAR CLEAR CLARIFIER – the purpose of this product is to coagulate fine dirt, silt, and other contaminants so that your filter will more readily remove them from your water.
  • BEAR SHOCK is a very effective unstabilized chlorine shock that is soluble in water with no residual.  It kills bacteria and algae. Pre-dissolve it in the opening bucket by adding water to the bucket. Then add the Bear Shock 35 and stir it with a wooden stick.  If any shock remains on your pool bottom, brush it until it dissolves.  For best results, add it to you pool in the evening. DO NOT use your solar blanket on the pool for 24 hours after adding shock to your pool.

View the PDF for more information


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