Approximately forty-eight (48) hours prior to closing your in-ground pool, bring in one QT of your pool water to our store for analysis.IG Winterizing play Winterizing your pool properly is critical because your water will not circulate in your pool for the next several months. Water chemistry is important to the longevity of your liner and any other parts that it comes in contact with during this period.  For example:

  • Copper or iron in your water can stain your liner.
  • Improper PH may be very destructive and corrosive to the pool and its equipment.
  • Algae will be easier to get rid of NOW than in the spring.

Please utilize our free water test bottle or use a CLEAN one QT plastic container.  Do not use empty chemical containers. Also, bring a list of your chemicals that you have at home with you.

  1. If you have a solar blanket, remove it by slowly lifting over the edge of the pool, being careful not to catch or tear it.
  2. Rinse any debris off blanket. Use “Teddy Bear Cover Cleaner” to clean and deodorize it before storing for the winter. Gently brush cleaner over entire surface. Rinsing is not necessary and will reduce odors and protect the cover.
  3. Fold cover carefully and store in a plastic 20 or 30 gallon tub with a tight lid. It should not be stored in a shed or garage, where ants or mice may destroy it!
  4. Vacuum your pool of debris and remove leaves with a leaf net because they can stain your liner.
  5. Clean your liner above the water line with “Wipe Out”. Place a small amount of cleaner on a pool scrubber (available in our retail store) and gently rub in a circular motion. This will remove harmful dirt, grease, suntan lotions and air pollutants. Do not use corrosive home cleaning agents.
  6. You should now add all of the chemicals from your Teddy Bear Winterizing kit.It does not matter what order you are adding them as long as your filter is running and they are added separately.
    • BEAR ALGAE OUT- This is a broad spectrum non-foaming algaecide used to inhibit algae from growing.  Add directly by walking around the perimeter of the pool surface.
    • BEAR MAGNET- This is a chelating agent that is used to tie up minerals such as copper and iron so they may be filtered out, thus preventing staining of your swimming pool liner.
    • BEAR SHOCK- This chemical kills bacteria and algae.  Fill a plastic bucket with water.  Then, add Bear Shock and stir it with a wooden stick.  Add by walking around the perimeter of the pool, pouring slowly to avoid splashing. If any shock remains on your pool bottom, brush it until it dissolves.

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