Introducing Variable Speed Pool Pump Technology

Pentair Pool Products & Sta-Rite have teamed up to provide the hottest and most innovative products in todays swimming pool market.The introduction of variable speed pump technology is a monumental advance in energy efficiency, service life and silent operation.Traditional one or two-speed pumps can be very inefficient.  The design of most residential pools are lacking in optimized plumbing systems, also known as hydraulic design.  Combined with the theory bigger is better, most residential pools built in the past are HIGHLY INEFFICIENT, this also holds true today.So what are the benefits of using this new technology?

  • Dramatically reduces energy use and saves money.
  • Features nearly silent operation.
  • The pump protects itself from damage and promises longer service life for greater value.
  • The pump allows the addition or change of pool equipment without needing to buy bigger or additional pumps.
  • These pumps allow you to alter the flow rates to enhance the performance in water features to vary sights and sounds around your poolscape.

A Key Concept:  Slower is better

By moving water through the pool plumbing system at a slower rate, it takes less energy.  The pump’s life is extended ramping up to optimal speed, rather than 0-100 mph is a flick of a switch.  Turning the motor at a slower rate, reduces the temperature of the motor and the wear & tear, extending the service life of the pump and motor.  Moving the water at a slower rate also increases water clarity and improves filter characteristics.  Lastly, going slower reduces the amount of noise.

Energy cost reductions of 30%

are typical and larger savings are common.  These savings alone can pay for the cost of the new pump and installation in as short a time as 1 year.  Additional savings in the future as rates go up.  The ability to conserve energy, is why many utility companies are offering rebates.

Enhance equipment performance

– By running slower and longer these pumps help filters to operate more effectively because the filter has more time to strip particles from the water.  Algae formation is reduced because these pumps run longer and slower keeping the water moving longer.  Automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers work better when water is moving slower and longer.

Whisper like operation

A whisper is about 20 decibels.  A typical pool pump emits around 70 decibels.  The IntelliFlo 4×160 & IntelliFlo operate at only 7 to 10 decibels or half the sound of a whisper.  And when you consider these pumps can replace multiple existing pumps, the opportunity to reduce the noise produced by operating the pool equipment is totally remarkable.

Longer equipment life

– Because your pool pro makes sure these pumps are optimized to never work harder than they have to, these pumps run cooler.  This helps with the critical parts wear much longer, greatly extending pump life and your return on investment(ROI).

Protects itself from damage

-Thanks to advanced onboard computer diagnostics, these pumps protect themselves against conditions that could lead to pump damage or failure, such as loss of prime, overheating, freezing, and common voltage irregularities.

Customize and change your water features

-dial the pump speed up or down and change the flow of a waterfall or the height of a fountain.  These pumps allow you to vary the sights and sounds of your poolscape. Now you too can see why so many of the Top Pool Builders and knowledgeable pool owners are turning to these innovative, technology-rich pumps from Pentair & Sta-Rite.  These pumps are the single best investment you can make for energy conservation, utility savings and superior pool equipment operation.

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