Jerry from Enfield, CT Writes: Algae & Hot Days

Q: Jerry from Enfield, CT writes:

I have a 24’ aboveground pool I bought from you 3 years ago. My pool has been clear and running fine all year but yesterday algae was on the walls of my pool. Just out of no ware, I have not changed my schedule at all. A little help please, why did this happen?

A: Stephen Otto, Store Manager

Teddy Bear Pools & Spas

I see this every year, your pool has run fine all year not a single problem. The water has been clear and everything has run fine. But now its 90 degrees out side and your water is green.

The Reasons

When the Sun is out and the temperature stays above 85 degrees it is natural to use your swimming pool more. But the added stress on your chlorine demand due to the heat, sun and added swimmer load is causing your pool to use more chlorine. So before you know it your chlorine level is down to next to nothing and you swimming pool is turning green.

The Cure!

When you see the hot weather is starting (it doesn’t matter if you have an in-ground or aboveground swimming pool). Add more chlorine. If you use quick tabs for your aboveground pool, all year you’ve added 2 every day and been fine. During the heat wave add 1 extra. Or your chlorinator is set on level 3 then turn it to level 4 or 5 just to get you through the hot weather.

You should also consider running your filter for an extra hour or two during these periods.

You bought your pool to refresh you and your family on hot summer days, so use your pool. But pay attention to your pools needs.


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