Jets-7 Reasons to Pick Hot Spring Spas

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Jets-7 Reasons to Pick Hot Spring Spas – We design spas based on how you will actually use them. The Comfort Control® system lets you customize the strength of massage. The Smart Jet® system allows you to direct power to the jets you are using, instead of powering all the jets at once.


Highlife Collection spas feature up to 7 different jets, offering different types of hydro massage for various parts of the body:

Moto-Massage DX

Moto-Massage DX Every Highlife Collection spa features the Moto-Massage® DX jet.  Hot Spring Spas revolutionized spa the industry with this one-of-a-kind that provides two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down the length of your back – there is nothing else like it

Rotary Hydro Massage

The Rotary Hydro massage jet performs like the fingers of a professional masseuse, with rotating nozzles that soothe your back, neck, calves and wrists Powerful not punishing, these jets have a directional nozzle with a flow-enhancing design for maximum performance. The interchangeable dual-port rotary nozzle creates a V-shaped pattern of water for a pulsating massage.

Precision Jets

Precision jets Control the direction of this Precision Jet to target problem areas. Focusing attention on your back, neck, calves and wrists, the Precision jet’s directional and rotary nozzles perform like the fingers of a professional masseuse.

Hydro Stream JetsJet stream

Hydro Stream jets this mid-sized jet creates a high-pressure massage. For maximum tension relief, Hydro Stream jets provide a constant powerful flow of water. Directional Hydro massage jets provide targeted relief to problem areas with easy-to-adjust nozzles

Jet stream

Jet sream jets An invigorating, directional whirlpool jet that soothe sore and stiff lower backs with the powerful, targeted Jet Stream jet that’s two times as powerful as a standard hydro massage jet.

Soothing Stream

The unique Soothing Stream jet system has seven openings to create a powerful stream that gently relieves tension in your shoulders and upper back.

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