Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Looking Brand New

Hot tub covers, as well as the actual hot tub you own, can be quite an investment. It is often worth it to spend a little more and get a higher quality cover that will last longer, rather than getting a cheaper one that may start to fray, crack, or become waterlogged sooner.

There are a few things you can do to keep your hot tub cover looking brand spanking new and preserve it so you can use it for a lot longer.

Clean your cover using soap and warm water. Hot tubs create chemical residue that will damage the outer lining of your cover as time goes by. If you keep it clean, say by cleaning it twice a month, you will help preserve it.

If you protect the outer lining of the spa cover, this will help prevent water from getting past it and into the inner lining and the foam core because you will help eliminate cracking. As soon as water gets to foam core of the cover, you are well on your way to needing a new one. This is when things start to go downhill.

Beneath the outer lining, there is generally an inner lining made of plastic that directly surrounds the foam core. Check this lining for rips and tears and also see if there is anything inside there that may cause friction against it and possibly rip it.

Cover your hot tub cover. If you put something–tarps work well–over the entire hot tub, you can help prevent sun damage to your cover. During times when you are away or aren’t using your spa for extended periods of time, consider doing this.

It will help you preserve your investment.


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