Laura from Pittsfield, MA Writes: Is There Any Difference In Chlorine?

Q: Laura from Pittsfield, MA writes:

there any difference in chlorine form pool stores like you vs. job lot or big chain stores? The prices at the chains are really good, but every time I buy chlorine from them my water clouds up, then I have to drive to you to get it cleared up, because they are not help.

: Stephen, Store Manager

Bear Pools & Spas

can’t speak for all pool companies but YES chlorines are different depending on what type you are using. I understand you feel like you getting a great deal when you buy bargain chlorine but if it is not working for you then you end up spending more money to fix the problem.

Most pool dealer sell a strong Dichlor or Trichlor to be used in a chlorinator, this controls the amount of chlorine in the pool. You may pay more to get this from the dealer but it is the strongest chlorine you can buy. A lot of times in the big chains you get a totally different type of chlorine. HTH is calcium based chlorine and has a totally different dosage per gallon.

advice!!! You get what you pay for. So, Read the label, look for the Active Chlorine level. Oh and only buy Teddy Bear Brand Products… just kidding, but really Teddy Bear…


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