Limelight Collection Features

Limelight Collection – Leading Edge Design

The all-new 2018 Hot Spring Limelight Collection is beautifully design both inside and out. Inspired by outdoor style trends, the striking horizontal lines of the spa cabinet have a modern yet timeless look. And, the design language of the new shells gives the Limelight Collection a global appeal for a more divers market.

Full-height corner light bars diffuse LED light through frosted acrylic lenses, casting a beautiful, even glow. It’s an impeccable style detail that makes an eye-catching statement unique to all Limelight models.

Modern geometric shapes are woven through every detail, from the footwell tread to the filter weir and headrest pillow, creating a contemporary look and feel. The visually stunning design will stand out in any back yard.

Roomy Seats & More Spacious Interior

More than just visual, a unique new square shape allows for tighter corner radii, creating more spacious seating and interior space. The volume of each model has increased by 40-65 gallons.

Crisp edges and clean lines sweep across the spa, opening to a roomy interior with comfortable contoured corner seats designed to fit many body types. The unique lounge in the Flair and Prism models appears to float on top of the shell, creating an eye-catching focal point inside the spa.

Lighting the Way – Points of Light Re-imagined

The Limelight Collection is known for the points of light throughout the spa. The 2018 interior design takes lighting to a new level with a mix of three lens sizes aligned to accent the shell contours for dramatic visual impact.

Updated Jets

The brushed stainless-steel escutcheons and Harbor Gray jets faces are clean, modern and elegant. Powerful 5-inch and 3-inch rotational (dual and single nozzle) and directional jets are adjustable at the face. Precision rotating and directional mini jets round out the new offering.


A new footwell patterned complements the geometry of the shell, provides traction underwater and feels good underfoot.To Limelight Showroom


A noise dampening tab on the sides of the door virtually eliminates any sound when it contact the frame.


Four optional 1.5-inch square factory installed speaker’s direct sound into the seating area. Plus, recent enhancements to the wireless entertainment system and 22” HD Wireless Monitor.

Diverters, Air Levers and on/off Valves

The triangular and geometric design of these new components accent detailing throughout the spa and are easy to grip and turn.

Service by Design – New Logo Light

The new indicator light will help service hot tubs more efficiently right from the backyard, saving time and money, and keeping customers satisfied. Proprietary software and easy-to-see color-coded lighting indicates when the spa is at temperature or if it needs maintenance, a filter change or service. The color-code lighting will be accompanied by a short message on the control panel for more details. This innovative feature is something only found in Hot Spring spa models.

Cabinet Colors

This cabinet offer a rich, wood-grain finish, along with the durability of our original Everwood material.

Shell Colors

With expert insight, we selected colors that have broad appeal-ranging from traditional to modern..New Everwood Cabinet

Offered in three elegant colors the new everwood cabinet will complement a variety of backyards, from modern to traditional. Updated shades of Coastal Gray and Espresso colors and introducing Sable – a rich, medium shade of brown with undertones of gray.Exterior Lighting

The new exterior LED lighting on the Limelight Collection spas is unlike any other. Two corner lights, adjustable for brightness and six color options are fitted with a frosted lens to create a beautiful glow at night, while discreetly integrating into the cabinet design during the day. the multi-color lighting can be set to one color or a continuous cycle for four hours each evening.To Limelight Showroom