My Aquabot Does Not Pump Water Or Move Or Power Supply Does Not Turn On

It is unlikely that both Motors (Drive Motor – Ref.# 1.15 and Pump Motor – Ref.# 1.14) are experiencing mechanical problems. In most cases the issue lies with something that is hindering the flow of electricity from the electrical outlet to the Power Supply (Figure 4) or through the Floating Cable (Ref.# 3.1) to the Aquabot itself. To locate and resolve where electrical flow is being hindered check the following.

Electrical Outlet & Connections – Make sure that the Power Supply is firmly plugged into a grounded electrical outlet which has power. To test the outlet, plug in another electrical instrument that you know works to the outlet.

Check that the Floating Cable is securely plugged into the Power Supply.

Power Supply

  • Check that the Power Supply button is pressed upwards to the “ON” position. Note: Some models have a Reset (Safety) Switch, which must be pressed each time you press the “ON” button.
  • Switch the Power Supply “Off” and “On” several times, allowing approximately 30 seconds between each“ON” and “OFF”. Remember, if your Aquabot comes equipped with a Reset Switch it must be pressed each time after pressing the “ON” button.
  • Unplug the Power Supply from the electrical outlet. Check that the Fuse in the Power Supply’s Fuse Holder (Ref.# 4.4) appears operational. If the Fuse appears burned out, then replace it with a 5 AMP SLO BLOW Fuse Please note that there are various Power Supply model types and the location of the Fuse may be in either the front or the back of your Power Supply.
  • Use a cotton swab to dry all sides of the Fuse and Fuse Holder (inside and out). Cable Assemblies – With the Power Supply unplugged, check the Power Cable (Ref.# 4.6) and the Floating Cable for cuts or damage. If you detect damage to either Cable, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-845-4856.

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