My Aquabot Gets Stuck On Ladders Or Main Drains

Aquabots have a one inch clearance between the floor and its underside. The Brushes (Ref.# 1.4 or 1.4.1 ) enable the Aquabot to climb over obstacles like raised main drains, return filters, lights, and pop-up, in-floor systems, and to climb up stairs in most pools. But, in some cases, the size or convex surface of some of these obstacles (i.e. lights, main drains) are too great and stop the Aquabot from moving forward or reverse by catching on the underside of the cleaner. If your Aquabot gets stuck we suggest you check the following:

Ladders, Return Fittings, Lane Hooks, Lighting Fixtures

Objects protruding from walls may impede the left/right movement of your Aquabot when it is at the waterline. For optimal performance, it is recommended to remove objects from the pool walls when operating your Aquabot. The greater the number of objects on the pool walls, the greater the difficulty the Aquabot will have covering the entire pool. One object (i.e. ladder) in pool may affect the overall cleaning cycle of your cleaner to a minor extent. Two or more objects in the pool positioned either directly opposite one another, or diagonally across from one another, will restrict your Aquabot to primarily clean only one section of the pool on one side of the objects during its cleaning cycle. If these objects can not be removed then place the Aquabot in each of the ‘separate’ areas of the pool, allowing each a separate 7-hour cleaning cycle. It is best to place your Aquabot at the farthest points of the pool at the beginning of each cleaning cycle.

Main Drains – Contact an Authorized Dealer location for a main drain guard, which will prevent your Aquabot from becoming stuck on the Main Drain .

Return Fittings – Contact your Authorized Dealer for return fittings of the same diameter as your current fittings, yet with smaller extensions (under 1” height). This should provide the clearance needed for your Aquabot to climb freely.

Note: The bottom step of a ladder may stop your Aquabot from freely climbing and tilting 90° up the wall from the floor. This means the cleaner will remain in the forward mode, ‘spinning its wheels’, under the ladder until its internal timer automatically reverses. This means the Aquabot will not reach the waterline in that area and may slightly affect its cleaning pattern.

Scrubbing Brushes (Ref.# 1.4 & 1.4.1) – Check that your Brushes are plush and not worn. Should they require replacement, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-845-4856. Replacement Brushes may be a different style with a larger diameter, providing increased ground clearance and a faster speed to climb over obstacles. (For replacement instructions see Page 7, Changing Scrubbing Brushes ) .

Mercury Switches – Always start your Aquabot on a horizontal level surface (both Brushes touching the floor). Should your Aquabot begin its cleaning cycle in an incline, the Mercury Switches within the Drive Motor may begin operating assuming that the incline angle is a level floor. When the Aquabot does become level, the Mercury Switches will tilt and consider the floor to be the wall. This will offset its operation, resulting in insufficient cleaning due to remaining in forward or reverse positions for great lengths of time when not needed.

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