My Aquabot Moves But Does Not Pick Up Dirt And Debris

  1. Check the operation of the Pump Motor (Ref.# 1.14). While the Aquabot is in the pool, and with the Power Supply (Figure 4) switched on, hold the cleaner by its Floating Handle (Ref.# 1.1). Water should gush from the Outlet Top (Ref.# 1.2). If there is no water flow, or if it appears weak proceed to Step # 2.
  2. Turn off the Power Supply, remove the Aquabot from the pool, and unplug it from the Power Supply.
  3. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the Outlet Top to the body (see pg. 6, Propeller Care) and inspect the Propeller (Ref.# 1.3) for clogs, hair or other debris which may keep it from spinning freely. If it appears to be frozen and no debris is blocking its movement, or if the Propeller moves freely when spun manually but not when the Aquabot is turned on, or if the propeller is loose and wobbles when spun manually, continue to the bottom of the page.
  4. If the Pump is operating properly replace the Outlet Top. Be careful not to over tighten and “strip” the screws, then proceed to Step #5.
  5. Clean the Filter Bag (Ref.# 1.16) thoroughly so that the fine particles of dirt that get trapped within the fibers of the Filter Bag are removed (See Page 5).
  6. Check the Intake Valve Flaps (Ref.# 2.5) on the underside of your unit. The Flaps should move freely to open and close. Clean and free the Valve Flaps if necessary.
  7. View the PDF for more information


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