My D.E. Filter Is Running At High Pressures And Has A Slow Flow Of Water Returning Back To The Pool

The DE filter is loaded with too much debris or algae and needs backwashing or regeneration. If this problem persists and you notice the filter gauge pressure rising from 7 – 10 psi above your beginning pressure, you need to regenerate your filter. Refer to your Owner’s Guide for further instructions or consult your pool dealer for service.

Your pump output might exceed the design flow rate of the filter. Make sure the pump is correctly sized for your filter.

If there is algae in the pool, super chlorinate, backwash or bump/drain and recharge as needed. Make sure you are properly backwashing on your vertical grid filter. Refer to your Owner’s Manuals for instructions (Owner’s Manuals are available online under the product page for your filter).

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