My Pump Will Not Prime. Why?

Check for each of the following:

  • You may have a suction leak if there is not enough water in the strainer housing.
  • You can have a leak at any joint especially at the first fitting that is screwed into the strainer housing.
  • The strainer cover may be loose or an o-ring under the strainer housing cover may be worn.
  • You may have clogged suction piping, which is caused by items that get sucked through the skimmer into the piping, usually lodging at any turn in the piping.
  • Sometimes when the pump starts, a small stone or debris by-passes the pump basket it will break the impeller.
  • The pump may be located above the pool water level or may be too far from the pool, requiring longer periods to prime. The ideal situation is to locate the pump at or just slightly above water level, 8 feet maximum, and as close to the pool as possible, approximately 10 – 20 feet maximum.

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