My Vari-Flo Valve Leaks To Waste

The valve seat gasket inside the valve has become worn or loose. You may choose to do this yourself or contact your local pool dealer for service. How do you replace the gasket? You will need a new gasket, obtained from your local dealer, some Krazy Glue, and a sharp 1/8-inch wide flat bladed screwdriver.

NOTE: Mark the top and bottom of the valve with a marking pen. It’s very important that you do not change the location of the cover when re-assembling. Remove the cover, usually six screws. Using the screwdriver, scrape out every last part of the gasket and cement, in order to get back to a clean flat surface. Put a fair amount of crazy glue on the flat side of the gasket. Place the gasket, flat side down, back into place – let dry for one hour minimum.

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