March 7th, 2022

Dear Valued Teddy Bear Customer:

Thank you for considering us for your 2022 pool opening. We began taking reservations for openings on Monday February 7 this year. The prime times for spring openings and fall closings fill very quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible. Please take note of our cancellation policy later in this bulletin and note that we cannot schedule appointments for those customers with past due balances on their account.

On the day of your opening, we can deliver accessories including solar blankets and solar reels as quantities last. We need at least two business days advanced notice in order to have them on the vehicle. All products must be paid in full by the time of delivery. Due to supply issues early this season, we will not be able to deliver any form of chlorine. Until further notice, our retail store will be the only source for your chlorine needs.

Prior to our arrival, customer responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Remove all off-season water and debris from your winter cover. To avoid damage to your pool or cover and avoid injury to our crew, we will NOT open pools with excessive water/debris on covers. If we determine that there is a threat of damage or injury, (a) there will be an additional fee to return to open your pool at a later time and, (b) given our schedule, it may be several weeks before we would be able to return to open your pool. We are not responsible for the clean-up of any water/debris that falls from your cover into your pool.
  2. Bring water level in your pool to half-skimmer height. Water not high enough will prevent us from starting and troubleshooting any filter system issues and from checking for leaks throughout the system. Water slightly above half skimmer is OK at the opening, but your skimmer will not work as efficiently to remove debris from the water’s surface.
  3. Be sure our crew has unencumbered access to:
    • A safe pool area Please remove any items near the pool that might create a danger to our crew or impede our ability to open your pool. Keep all pets inside. (Thank you for cleaning up any pool area "presents" that they may leave!) We are not responsible for any escaping animals.
    • Outside sources of water (garden hose) and electricity (Remember to turn on outside power). Also, filter timers must be activated.
    • Easily seen and centrally located equipment (filter, pump, ladders, dive board, etc.). All equipment must be at ground level. For safety and liability reasons, we will not go into lofts, climb ladders or move lawn furniture, non-pool equipment and the like in order to access or store your pool equipment.
    • A storage area for your winter accessories. To avoid damage from insects and/or rodents, we recommend storing winter covers in a protective covered container.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR CREW should be taped to the filter tank. Please do not assume that we will remember all your specific requests from seasons past.

PAYMENT IN FULL is required before we can open your pool as this is a COD service. If you will not be home, please leave a check taped to the filter tank or you may call us at least two business days in advance (413-594-2666 or 800-554-2327 Ext 129 or 123) to prepay with any major credit card. We will send you a receipt by email, so please sure your updated email address is on file. You may also pay with your credit card by clicking the “Pay My Bill Online” icon on this website’s home page. It is not necessary to know your invoice number to prepay online. You may also mail your check. Your payment must be received in our office at least two business days prior to your appointment to allow time for it to be processed before our crew arrives. Promotional coupons such as Bear Bucks and/or gift certificates cannot be applied toward openings or any service work. They are for use in our Chicopee retail store only.

AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE will apply if we must return to open your pool because payment was not received or if your pool was not ready to be opened (See 1-3 above). Please understand that a timely return may not be possible during the peak times of the season.



If you use an electric submersible pump to remove water from your winter cover, make sure that you put an upside down Frisbee or a similar barrier object under the pump in order to prevent the pump from drawing water through your cover and thus draining your pool.

Some water loss is normal over the winter due to displacement. Click the “Ask the Bear” tab, then the “Pool Closing or Pool Winterizing Tips and Info,” then “The Amazing Disappearing Water Act” for further explanation. We recommend adding water to your in-ground pool while you are draining your cover to prevent your liner from “floating.”



We will remove and fold your winter cover. We will be sure it is relatively clean before storing it away. Water bags and Aquablocks will be drained and the bags rolled for storage. Safety cover anchors will be screwed down to apron level. IMPORTANT: We strongly discourage the use of rocks, cinderblocks, bricks, wood, jugs or similar objects to hold down your cover. We will not assume any responsibility for damage which may be caused as a result of their use.

An oxidizer and an algaecide will be added.

Our crew will remove any winter plugs; take apart valves (except metal gate valves) and lubricate gaskets; connect filter equipment and start the system; install wall fittings, skimmer baskets, ladders, dive boards, drop in steps, stair rails, lights and return fittings. A maximum of 50 pounds of weighed material will be added to drop in steps. Customer will be responsible for adding extra needed weight and for removing the added weight prior to the pool closing.

Sanitizing systems will be reconnected. Before activating their systems, ECOsmarte customers must have a water test performed to verify that the water chemistry is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. We do not add chlorine tablets to automatic chlorinators unless arranged in advance and supplied by the customer.

We will attempt to start heaters. If you have a propane heater, please be sure that the tanks are full prior to the opening. We will shut off heaters by the completion of the opening. Cleaning and/or repairs of heaters are NOT INCLUDED in the opening fee.

If you have a D.E. filter, we will recharge it with D.E.

Minor leaks around the filter will be fixed. If it is raining, we may not be able to detect small leaks. If you notice a small leak or any other issue after we open your pool, please call us within 48 hours so that we may remedy the situation in a timely manner.



To avoid a $75 cancellation fee, customers must contact the Service Department via email at [email protected] with at least a three business day notice from your scheduled date. Please remember that business days do not include weekends or holidays.



Any repair work performed, including assembling filters, will be done at an additional cost. If there are missing or unavailable parts or accessories there will be a charge to replace them.

Vacuuming and cleaning of the pool or equipment are NOT INCLUDED in the opening price.

We will conduct openings in the rain unless there is danger to our crew (i.e.: lightning, severe weather) and as long as the weather does not impede our ability to do the opening. Should we need to reschedule, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We will try to contact you two business days in advance to confirm your appointment. Due to the nature of our work, we are unable to give a specific time for your opening.


If you have any concerns following your opening, please contact us within 48 hours so that we may address your concerns in a timely manner. You may contact us at 413-594-2666 or 800-554-2327 Ext 140 or at [email protected].


Thank you for your continued loyalty.


Ted Hebert


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