Dear Valued Customer:

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Teddy Bear Pools will again in 2021 take proactive steps to keep both our customers and employees as safe as possible. As a result, there will continue to be some key changes to the traditional way we have opened pools and we ask for your cooperation as we all take the necessary precautions until it is safe to return to some semblance of normalcy.


Customers must leave all equipment outside in the pool area for our crew. We will not go into basements, homes, garages, or any other storage area to retrieve or store any items.

To conform to physical distancing guidelines, customers may not be in the pool area while our crew is on site.

We will not accept checks or cash. Please prepay with a credit or debit card when we place our reminder phone call two business days prior to your opening. You may also contact the front counter at our retail store (413-594-2666 Ext 129) or pay online by clicking the “Pay My Bill Online” icon on this website’s home page.

Reservations for openings and closings have been accepted since February 1. Please contact us as soon as possible for the best available dates if you need to schedule either an opening or a closing.

For your convenience, on the day of your opening, we can deliver oversized accessories such as solar blankets and solar reels as well as smaller items such as extra chemicals. We need at least a two business-day advance notice. All products must be paid for in advance.

Prior to our arrival, we request the following:

Please remove all water and debris from your winter cover. To avoid damage to your pool and prevent injury to our crew, we will NOT open pools with excessive water/debris on covers. This also applies to those customers that use leaf nets over their winter covers. Leaf nets are designed to be emptied of debris on a regular basis during the offseason to avoid the buildup of excessive weight. If we determine that there is a threat of damage or injury, (a) there will be an additional fee to return to open your pool and, given our schedule, (b) it may be several weeks before we would be able to return to open your pool. We are not responsible for the clean-up of any water/debris that falls in your pool.

Please bring water level in your pool to half-skimmer height. Water not high enough will prevent us from starting and troubleshooting any filter system issues and from checking for leaks throughout the system. Water higher than half skimmer is OK at the opening, but your skimmer will not work as efficiently to remove debris from the water’s surface.

Please be sure that there is an outside source of water (garden hose) and electricity (Remember to turn on outside power at breaker). Also, filter timers must be activated.

Payment in full is required before we can open your pool. Again, please prepay with a credit/debit card. Promotional coupons such as Bear Bucks cannot be applied toward the opening or any service work. They are for use in our Chicopee retail store only.

Special instructions for our crew should be taped to the filter tank. Please do not assume that we will remember all your specific requests from last season.

An additional charge will apply if we must return to complete your pool opening if any of these requests are not met.

WATER REMOVAL AND WINTER WATER LOSS. If you use an electric submersible pump to remove water from your winter cover, make sure that you place some type of barrier (upside down Frisbee, pie plate, etc) between the pump and the winter cover to prevent the pump from drawing water through your cover and inadvertently draining your pool.

Some water loss is normal during the offseason due to displacement. Click the “Ask the Bear” tab on our homepage, then the “Pool Closing or Pool Winterizing Tips and Info,” then “The Amazing Disappearing Water Act” for further explanation. If possible with an in-ground pool, we recommend adding water to your pool while draining your cover to prevent your lining from “floating.”

WHAT TO EXPECT AT YOUR OPENING. We will remove the winter cover and be sure it is relatively clean before folding it. Water bags and Aquablocks will be drained and the bags rolled up. Safety cover anchors will be screwed down to apron level. IMPORTANT: We strongly discourage the use of rocks, cinderblocks, bricks, wood, jugs or similar objects to hold down your cover. We will not assume any responsibility for damage which may be caused as a result of their use.

The chemical kit will consist of an oxidizer and an algaecide. Please note that due to an expected worldwide shortage of chlorine, a non-chlorinated shock may be used.

We will remove any winter plugs; take apart valves (except metal gate valves) and lubricate gaskets; install wall fittings, skimmer baskets, ladders, drop-in steps, dive board, stair rails, lights and return fittings; and connect filter equipment and start the system.

We are able to drill 3/8” holes in drop-in steps to make them less buoyant and require less added weight in order to keep them more stable during the season. Please let us know in advance if you would like this free service performed at your opening. If you choose to add extra weight to your steps, to prevent potential injury to our crew, you must remove that weight prior to your closing.

We will attempt to start heaters. If you have a propane heater, please be sure that the fuel tank is full prior to the opening. We will shut off heaters by the completion of the opening. The cleaning and/or repair of heaters are NOT INCLUDED in the opening fee.

If you have a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter, we will recharge it with DE.

Minor leaks around the filter will be fixed. If is raining, we may not be able to detect small leaks. If you notice a leak once the weather improves, please call us as soon as possible so that we may remedy the situation in a timely manner.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Any repair work performed, including the assembly of filters, will be done at an additional charge. If there are missing or unavailable parts or accessories that are required to properly open a pool, there will be a charge to replace them.

Vacuuming and cleaning of pools is NOT INCLUDED in the opening fee.

If you will be in need of a new winter cover in the fall, we recommend purchasing or ordering a replacement as soon as possible due to the threat of a shortage in the vinyl market.

We will conduct openings in the rain unless there is danger to our crews (i.e. severe weather, lightning) and as long as the weather does not impede our ability to safely work.

We will attempt to confirm your opening by telephone two business days prior to the scheduled date. Given the extra health and safety precautions our crews will be following, we are unable to give any timeframe for your opening.

To avoid a $75 cancellation fee, customers must contact the Service Department at [email protected] with at least a three business-day notice prior to a scheduled opening.

If you have any concerns following your opening, please contact us within 48 hours so that we may address your concerns in a timely manner. You may contact us at 413-594-2666 Ext 140 or at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued loyalty,


Ted Hebert


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