Pacific Inground Pool

It won’t take you long to see why a Pacific Pool is a smart choice.

Over 40 years of pool design and construction experience have gone into it. So has the latest in high tech materials and computer aided design. GraphexTM wall panels and braces, for example, are made from structural engineered resins, like the material used in the Stealth bomber, yacht hulls, the Alaska pipeline and the newest bridge and overpass construction.

The Graphex wall is strong, yet resilient.

Unlike steel, it will not warp, dent, rust, oxidize or degrade. Not today, not tomorrow or even in 50 years.

Once installed, your Pacific Pool is here to stay. No inground pool yet invented is stronger or more durable. You can relax, knowing that your Pacific Pool is backed by a Lifetime, no prorated transferable warranty!

Graphex: Making things as painless as possible.

“P” stands for polymer, and that stands for “permanent.” It also stands for “Pacific Pools,” the only pool manufacturer with exclusive Graphex™ technology that takes that polymer recipe and makes extremely strong and durable products. The same technology that’s used in football and hockey helmets, and even in the stealth bomber. I didn’t know Graphex from Spandex, but it’s made all the difference. It won’t rust or corrode, won’t warp or dent, and won’t chip or crack. What it does is stay strong and flexible for decades.

We get a lot of support from Pacific Pools, including what we can’t even see. Here’s a diagram our Pacific Pools Showcase Builder gave us explaining the Graphex difference:

Graphex Support System

Graphex walls and K-braces are integrated into a cement mix pool base, concrete patio and concrete bond beam. Unique honeycomb design with vertical and horizontal ribs surrounding the pool add extra engineered strength and integrity to the walls.

  • Computer aided design
  • Structural engineered resins for Graphex products
  • Strong, yet resilient
  • Won’t rust, oxidize or degrade.

All of this means: less maintenance. And more time to actually enjoy our pool.
And if we ever do have a concern, our Pacific Pools Showcase Builder will be around to make sure it isn’t a problem. Kind of high-tech meets high-touch.

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