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Pool Leak or Evaporationpool heat lose chart

Over the last few days we have been flooded with calls about pool leaks when in fact it is water evaporation. So Pool Leak or Evaporation? With the low humidity and daytime/night time temperature swing it has been an exceptional year for evaporation. I have personal filled my pool twice already this year. So if your pool water levels lower than normal? Most likely reason is evaporation. Depending on the size of your pool, you could lose up to 1 ½ inches of water a week due to evaporation.

To better understand evaporation in your pool, we have provided the three main causes of pool water evaporation.

So Pool Leak or Evaporation?  The heat of the summer is a huge contributor to the water loss in your pool. The intense heat during the day mixed with the cooler weather at night is the perfect recipe for evaporation. The difference in temperature between your pool water and the outside air is what causes evaporation. Picture your pool as a pot of water on the stove, as it heats up, contact with air causes steam and evaporation.

Lack of Humidity
So Pool Leak or Evaporation?  Lack of humidity is another main cause of water loss. Evaporation is like a sponge, the drier the heat, the more water will get absorbed. An environment with higher humidity will lose less water. Depending on your location, a lack of humidity can cause great evaporation in your pool.pool leak or evaporation bucket test

So Pool Leak or Evaporation?  The more exposure your pool has to the outdoor elements, the more evaporation your pool will experience. A pool that is fully exposed to the sun and wind will lose the most water. Unscreened pools will lose more than a screened pool (Covered with solar blanket). Fences, structures, or trees near the location of the pool help in lowering the amount of evaporation.

Bucket Test
An easy way to determine if you have a pool leak or evaporation issues is to do a bucket test. Simply fill a 5 gallon bucket about 3 inches from the top of the bucket and place it next to the pool. With electrical tape or another easily removable tape mark the water line on the pool and the bucket. Turn the pool off and let the pool and bucket sit for 18 to 24 hours. If the water loss is the same in the bucket as the pool then it is Mother Nature at work. If the pool loses more than the bucket you may have a pool leak.

In you are unlucky enough to have a pool leak than Click Here to see other possible water lose options. You can also contact the Teddy Bear Pools Service Department to do a leak detect on your pool.

Please call 1-800-554-BEAR, or Contact our service staff.

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