Power Outages and Hot Tubs – What To Do

In years past Ice storms have left thousands of people without power.  Figuring out ways to keep your family warm is easy, but what do you do with your hot tub?

If you have a fully insulated Hot Spring Spa you should be ok for up to 5 days.

DO NOT DRAIN YOUR SPA! This won’t help because you don’t have power to run a shop vac to blow out the lines/components.  DO NOT CALL OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT until after you have done the following tips:

  •  Keep the cover closed and locked (don’t want a wind gust to open it)
  • Wrap the spa with tarps to keep out drafts.
  • If you have a generator, but can’t run the entire spa you should put a drop light with a 75 watt bulb or a small heater in the equipment area.  Make sure the heater or light isn’t touching anything.  If you are using a heater, keep it on low to prevent fire.  If there isn’t much room in there for the heater create a little tent around the equipment area and direct the heater to blow towards the equipment.
  • When you get power back and start up your spa if you hear or see anything out of the ordinary- shut the spa off as you might have some frozen lines and should follow the directions above to defrost the equipment with a heater before turning the spa back on again. If at this point you need to consult our Spa Service Department  call us at 413-594-2666 ext 110.
  • Lastly if you do end up with penguins living in your spa and freeze damage, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost to fix or replace your hot tub.

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